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Our Team

Managing Director

Jeff Pang

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Jeff is a Digital Leadership expert practitioner and Digital Transformation advocate with 25 years of data analytics practice across various state and federal public sector departments and industries. Before launching Ronan Analytics in 2019, Jeff was the former Director for the Systems Performance Unit with the QLD Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. He successfully led large-scale data and analytics projects such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Data Transition Project – the largest Queensland Government data project to date. 

Jeff led the development of the NDIS performance framework which enabled the Queensland Government to effectively monitor and evaluate its $2.04 Billon dollar investment. Before joining the Queensland Government, Jeff was a Statistician with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for over 10 years. During this time, he provided statistical leadership across a broad range of activities from data collection to client services. Jeff is passionate about data governance (including data ethics) and is committed to developing data quality initiatives for informed decision-making. 

Managing Consultant - Analysis & Insights

Stuart Burvill


Stuart has 9 years of NGO, federal and state government experience across policy, strategic coordination, legal, regulatory and data analyst roles. He worked providing research, setting up carbon sector and clean energy stakeholder forums in Beijing for the China Carbon Forum. Stuart began his government career in a variety of policy roles around agricultural trade, digital innovation, debt recovery and energy policy before transitioning into data analytics working in research, monitoring, and evaluation roles for the $406 million Queensland Child and Family Reforms. 

Stuart helped develop a Simulated Analytical Model (SAM) that simulated the complicated Child and Family support system and quantified and predicted the impacts of the 121 Commission of Inquiry reforms and 46 separate reform programs. Prior to joining Ronan Analytics, Stuart was the Assistant Director with the Australian Public Service Commission who oversaw the evaluation of the Australian Government’s Learning and Development Programs. Stuart is passionate about providing the best independent, quality, trusted data analysis, insights and advice so that organisations can make the best strategic decisions.


Mei Wen Tan


Mei Wen is a dynamic and result-driven student with a passion for business development and business analytics. Holding a degree in Business Analytics, she brings a solid foundation in leveraging data. 

Mei Wen has been instrumental in analysing raw survey data to uncover valuable insights for the company's clients. Through her meticulous approach to business analysis, she has helped to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that have informed strategic decision-making and driven business growth. 

With a background in Business Analytics, she have the technical skills to harness data effectively. Notably, she creates insightful dashboard using PowerBI, enabling stakeholders to visualise and interpret complex datasets with ease. She ensures that these dashboards not only present data clearly but also provide actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making with Ronan Analytics. 

Mei Wen has played a pivotal role in updating and designing the company's website, ensuring it remains modern, user-friendly, and aligned with the company's brand identity. Her keen eye for design and technical expertise has helped to enhance the online presence of Ronan Analytics, attracting new clients and partners. 

Undergraduate Placement

Charlie Chan


Charlie is currently working as a placement at Ronan Analytics while pursuing a dual degree in Data Science and Business (Human Resource Management) at Queensland University of Technology. Having completed his first year of studies in 2023, he demonstrated his programming skills by creating a platform that extracts information from websites using python. 

During his high school years in Panama, Charlie served as the School President of Student Government of Administration. In this role, he collaborated with the JLM Christian Foundation to organise community service projects such as building houses, charitable activities, and fundraisers for construction materials.

At Ronan Analytics, Charlie’s responsibilities include data extraction, editing, analysis, and visualisation. He aspires to enhance his ability in data accuracy and analysis techniques to provide efficiency and valuable insights for the organisation’s operations.

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