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Interconnected Trends: Residential Lot Sizes, Population Growth, Rent, Housing, and CPI Dynamics

The Overview

Population Growth Compared to Rent, Housing and CPI
Population Growth Compared to Rent, Housing and CPI.png

Population growth alone cannot be pointed to as the major contributing factor towards housing and cost of living increases.

While population growth increased by 1% between 2020 to 2023, rent (+29%), property prices (+23%) and CPI (+18%) all grew significantly faster then the preceding three-year period.

Median standard lot size (m2)- Residential Lot Registration
Median standard lot size.png

The average size of the Queensland lot has decreased from 796m2 to 450 m2 or a 43% decrease from 1990 to 2023. The average lot size in Brisbane went from 726m2 to 318 m2 or a 44% decrease over the same time period. Whilst Queenslanders are paying significantly more for homes and land, they are also paying significantly less space with increasing density then in the past.

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