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Available Grants

These grants are available to help grow your business and commercialise your invention

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Advancing Renewables Program
Funding for businesses undertaking renewable energy projects. 
Agriculture Australia RD&E Investment
Funding for organisations to do rural industry research. 
Agristarter Loans
Loans to assist first time farmers or farmers looking to plan and implement succession arrangements.
Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF)
Get investment to develop and commercialise your biomedical discoveries.
Business Loan Package
Loans for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned small businesses.
CSIRO Kick-Start
Matched funding for start-ups and small business to access CSIRO support.
Defence Global Competitiveness Grant
Building export capability in defence.
Driving the Nation Program
Funding to support zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) technologies.
Emissions Reduction Fund
Financial incentives for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.
Empowerment Fund VIC
Funding for service providers to improve data capability and evaluations.
Export Finance Australia Bonds
Bonds for small to medium export businesses.
Export Finance Australia Guarantees
Guarantees for small to medium business exporters. 
Export Finance Australia Loans
Loans for small to medium businesses to export goods or services.
Farm Investment Loans
Loans to strengthen your farm business.
Industrial Transformation Stream (ITS) Program
Aims to support the reduction of industrial emissions at existing National Greenhouse Energy Reporting (NGER) industrial facilities in Regional Australia.
Industry Growth Program
Support for innovative SMEs to commercialise and grow their business.
International Partnerships in Critical Minerals
Funding for early to mid-stage critical minerals projects with international partners. 
Interstate Businesses Relocating to Regional Tasmania
Payroll tax exemption for businesses relocating to regional TAS.
Joint Strike Fighter Industry Support Program Sustainment Grants
Funding for Australian companies to develop capabilities to win work for the Joint Strike Fighter Program. 
Landing Pads
Network of specialised programs to support Australian technology companies to expand globally. 
Major Event Fund ACT
Funding for major events held in Canberra.
Medical Research Future Fund-National Critical Research Infrastructure Initiative - 2023 Innovative Trials
Funding to promote development and implementation of innovative clinical trials.
MRFF 2022 Frontier Health and Medical Research Grant Opportunity
Funding to innovate medical research.
National Industrial Transformation (NIT) Program
Supporting the reduction of emissions related to Industrial Activity across Australia.
Powering the Regions Fund - Safeguard Transformation Stream Round 1
Funding for trade exposed Safeguard facilities to reduce emissions.
Producer Offset Loan Solution
Loans for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned production companies.

A Bit About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Abhinav and I had been a consultant with Ronan Analytics for over two years. In these two years, I have had the opportunity to work primarily in business transformation, systems development, and data leadership. Many of my projects were within the social services sector, as well as industrial associations, and I found myself deriving a great sense of purpose helping organisations, especially those who help the vulnerable, utilise data effectively and make better decisions.

One of my favourite aspects about being a Ronan was that I was given the opportunity to try different projects, see what I liked and didn’t like and then work on cultivating my strengths. More recently, I have been able to work with senior managers and middle managers from a big social services organisation as part of a business transformation effort in the space of data – which gave me more confidence in my leadership and people skills. I even got chances to co-facilitate workshops and drive training and process modelling efforts to ensure a structure and standard of service delivery to the complexity of social services.


My best pieces of advice for anyone joining Ronan Analytics are to keep an open mind with different projects, be proactive about your learning outcomes and be genuinely curious about making an impact on your clients. As the saying goes, ‘ask and you shall receive’.  Jeff and Stuart are great managers and mentors, they do not take your learning lightly and will help guide you towards your interests. More importantly, have fun – I know I had some interesting conversations with everyone as I was working there!

Our approach

Our approach


Identification Of Opportunities

We begin by identifying and determining eligibility for government investment and partnership opportunities. This includes matching available government investments with client requirements.


Government Liaison And Stakeholder Engagement

Government process requires extensive time and resources to meet strict requirements. Ronan Analytics takes this burden off organisations by liaising between government, business, and stakeholders to tailor applications to succeed.


Market Intelligence

We develop the critical evidence and data reporting to underpin the key selection criteria of the application process such as Workforce Analysis, CAPEX Forecasting, Value Chain Analysis, Market Opportunities, Competitor Analysis and Social Impact Analysis.


Application Preparation And Submission

We project manage the submission process from preparation to lodgement, working with our clients to draft detailed applications. This includes evidence gathering required to meet funding criteria requirements. With our government background, we understand the intentions behind government funding and can tailor your application accordingly.


Post Bid Follow-Up

We strive to offer true end-to-end solutions, so we don’t just submit the responsive bid. We also provide complete post bid follow-up and advocacy services.

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