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Available Grants

These grants are available to help grow your business and commercialise your invention

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South Australia Venture Capital Fund

Funding for innovative South Australian companies with high growth potential

Infrastructure Development Fund WA

The WA government has established ab $80 million fund to unlock a new pipeline of apartment development in key urban precincts and worker accommodation in regional areas.

High Emitting Industries Funding NSW

This program provides funding to high emitting NSW industries to help them reduce their emissions and strengthen their resilience into the future.

Energy Innovation Fund ACT

This program supports the development of the ACT as an export-oriented hub for energy transition innovation and investment.

Victorian Business Growth Fund

The Victorian Business Growth Fund supports Victorian SMEs ready to grow their business, but who can't access the funds or find the right partner to take the next step.

Living Carbon Grants - The Riverina LLS Region

This program provides NSW landholders with funding to help them start a carbon planting project.

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