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Data Governance Maturity Review Service

Is your organisation looking to properly secure its data and derive greater value from its data systems?

We offer a comprehensive Data Governance Maturity Review service, designed to help organizations carry out an in-depth appraisal of their existing data governance processes, policies, and procedures. Our objective is to present key findings and recommendations for improvements to stakeholders and assist in enhancing the overall data management practices.


Our service covers a high-level assessment of your data quality, data management practices, and data stewardship. We identify key data stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities and evaluate the data governance tools and technology currently in use.


Our methodology includes conducting interviews or surveys with key stakeholders, encompassing insights into existing data governance practices and associated challenges. Moreover, our experts assess your organization's data governance policies, procedures, and processes against Ronan Analytics best practice.


An in-depth analysis of data quality reports and metrics forms a part of our methodology to assess the current situation. We also evaluate data governance tools and technology across the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), ensuring adherence to the obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 - including data governance requirements - when handling personal information.


The service deliverables include a Data Governance Maturity Review Report that highlights key findings, a presentation to stakeholders presenting these findings and suggestions, and a Data Governance Framework that outlines proposed next steps and recommendations for improvements.


Choose our Data Governance Maturity Review service for an expert perspective on managing and leveraging your data effectively while complying with data security standards.

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