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My name is Abhinav 

Hello everyone! My name is Abhinav and I had been a consultant with Ronan Analytics for over two years. 

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A Bit About Me

In these two years, I have had the opportunity to work primarily in business transformation, systems development, and data leadership. Many of my projects were within the social services sector, as well as industrial associations, and I found myself deriving a great sense of purpose helping organisations, especially those who help the vulnerable, utilise data effectively and make better decisions.

One of my favourite aspects about being a Ronan was that I was given the opportunity to try different projects, see what I liked and didn’t like and then work on cultivating my strengths. More recently, I have been able to work with senior managers and middle managers from a big social services organisation as part of a business transformation effort in the space of data – which gave me more confidence in my leadership and people skills. I even got chances to co-facilitate workshops and drive training and process modelling efforts to ensure a structure and standard of service delivery to the complexity of social services.


My best pieces of advice for anyone joining Ronan Analytics are to keep an open mind with different projects, be proactive about your learning outcomes and be genuinely curious about making an impact on your clients. As the saying goes, ‘ask and you shall receive’.  Jeff and Stuart are great managers and mentors, they do not take your learning lightly and will help guide you towards your interests. More importantly, have fun – I know I had some interesting conversations with everyone as I was working there!

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My name is Cameron

Hello everyone, my name is Cameron and I was a Business Development intern at Ronan Analytics for the year of 2021.

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A Bit About Me

During this transformative period for the consultancy, I contributed significantly to different projects that revamped the firm’s marketing strategy by delivering a Marketing Plan and implementing its recommendations.

This wasn’t just another university assignment; it involved a deep dive into market analysis where, as a team, we successfully identified key service offerings for Ronan Analytics to focus on. One standout experience was my involvement in revamping the Ronan Analytics website, which allowed me to utilise my information technology skills.

Under the mentorship of Jeff and Stuart, both leaders with a genuine passion for data and data-driven decision-making, I not only honed my Business Development skills but also was exposed to data analytics tools like Power BI and developed a solid understanding of data analytics projects. In addition, I learned the team's dedication to exceeding client expectations is deeply embedded in the Ronan Analytics ethos. Inspired by this culture, I now try to apply the same level of dedication to my current role in Information Technology.

Potential clients looking at Ronan Analytics can expect more than just a consultancy service; they will find a committed business partner dedicated to excellence and delivering lasting results.

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