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Why Ronan Analytics

At Ronan Analytics our mission is to empower organisations by delivering flexible data-driven solutions that provide real outcomes.


Ronan Analytics is an independent and trusted data analytics consultancy with extensive industry-wide experience from government to advanced manufacturing. We believe that data is at the heart of effective decision-making. 

Our Services

Our Services

Our ongoing commitment is to develop innovative products and services that help your organisation meet its objectives. Yet, we maintain a focus on providing only those solutions that have a proven track record of delivering tangible results. 

Business Insights

We provide powerful informational advantages that support your organisation to consistently make the right decisions.

Business Process Mapping

We provide a comprehensive approach to business process mapping, streamlining operations by visually depicting workflows, tasks, and interactions within an organization.

Data Governance

We provide crucial data governance services that maximise both the value and security of your organisation's data systems.

Government Investment & Partnerships

We provide comprehensive services to attain and hold government investments and partnerships, leveraging our own government experience. 


“Ronan Analytics  helped us design and deliver an inaugural workforce survey that will help to guide workforce wellbeing, retention and attraction strategies for years to come. They provided high quality reports and were endlessly supportive and responsive to our needs as a peak organisation. They were genuinely engaged in an opportunity to help the Queensland housing and homelessness sector and their enthusiasm for the work we were trying to do made a real difference to our capacity to deliver high quality reports, products and services. We would welcome any future opportunities to work together again. ”

Fiona Caniglia
Executive Director for Q Shelter

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