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Business Process Mapping

Ronan Analytics is proud to offer a specialised Business Process Mapping (BPM) service tailored specifically for organisations. Our comprehensive analysis and visualisation techniques are designed to optimise organisational workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance the quality-of-service delivery.  

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Key Features

  • Process Identification and Documentation: Working closely with your team, we’ll identify and document all key operational processes, providing a comprehensive overview of your current workflow and service delivery mechanisms. 

  • Workflow Visualisation: Employing a range of tools including flowcharts and diagrams, we visualise the sequences of activities and decision points. This promotes a deeper understanding of each service area, aiding in effective analysis and decision-making. 

  • Gap Analysis: Our intensive gap analysis uncovers any inefficiencies, redundancies, or bottlenecks within current processes, highlighting opportunities for improvement and optimisation to bolster service delivery. 

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Involving everyone from frontline staff to external partners, our approach is highly collaborative. We organise workshops and discussions to ensure a collective approach in refining and optimising processes, fostering a shared understanding among all. 

  • Performance Metrics and KPIs: We establish clear, measurable performance metrics and key performance indicators. This helps monitor the effectiveness and impact of process improvements over time, promoting a culture of accountability and continual advancement. 


  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By streamlining workflows, organisations can optimise resource use, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of their services. 

  • Improved Quality of Service: Addressing gaps in the process leads to more consistent, effective support services, resulting in improved outcomes. 

  • Informed Decision-Making: Our visualisations and analyses provide data-driven insights, enabling strategic decision-making and effective resource prioritization. 

  • Increased Accountability: Clear performance metrics and KPIs allow for precise tracking of progress and identification of areas for improvement. 

  • Adaptability and Resilience: Our BPM approach ensures organisations can swiftly respond to changing laws, needs, and external pressures, maintaining their ability to adapt and remain resilient. 


  • Process Documentation: In-depth reports outlining existing processes, offering clarity and transparency across organisational operations. 

  • Workflow Visualisations: Comprehensive diagrams and flowcharts illustrating the current state of service delivery workflows. 

  • Gap Analysis Reports: A synthesised analysis highlighting inefficiencies with actionable recommendations for process improvements. 

  • Stakeholder Engagement Summaries: Consolidated feedback and insights from all levels of the organisation to guide further refinements. 

  • Implementation Plan: A clear, actionable roadmap to guide the adoption of recommended process enhancements, including timelines, responsibilities, and required resources. 

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